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Vinyl Composite Tile

IMPRESS floor care offers VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) floor maintenance for our smaller commercial clients.

VCT requires protection.  In order to maintain the beautiful shiny appearance that people want to see on the floor, a polyacraylate floor finish needs to be applies.  The finish creates a renewable, repairable, restorable wear layer that protects your investment.

Contact us to inquire about recoating, buffing or burnishing your flooring.

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Maintenance Contracts are available for commercial customers.

  • Low-Moisture carpet cleaning that involves pre-spraying the carpet, bonneting over it and then vacuuming up the resulting (dirt-encapsulated) cleaner that rises to the surface.
  • Low-Moisture furniture cleaning.

IMPRESS Floor Care offers multiple types of cleaning for our commercial clients.  

  • Hot water extraction cleaning processes powered by a truck-mount unit.
    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Tile and Grout Cleaning
    • Furniture Cleaning
    • ​Cubicle Walls
    • Staircase

Commercial Services

Low-Moisture Benefits:

  • Good for high traffic area that need to be cleaned more often or kept in service.
  • Security: We are able to bring all of our cleaning tools into your business in order to keep your business locked and secure.
  • Encapsulates the dirt for continued cleaning!
  • Fast and Efficient.
  • Great dry times!